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Now is the time to get started on making sure your spot on the new Internet is yours. The big difference with legacy ICANN domain names: it is yours to stay. Like forever.

"Honestly, I don't see legacy ICANN domains being dropped anytime soon but I do strongly believe that Handshake domains will coexist with the legacy domains. So therefor from a brand perspective very interesting to invest early."

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If you see something you like, you can either use the namebase auction page to instantly buy for stated price. Or get in touch if you want to parley. Also open for bundle offers.


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You’ve been paying companies that own domain extensions like .com and .net just for the right to rent their domains. Meanwhile, even popular apps like TikTok are increasingly blocked around the world. It’s time to place ownership of the Internet into the hands of people, not corporations or governments.

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HNS Rocks!